Tips for proper coordination and setup of rental containers

Finding an optimal place for a container isn’t an easy task. There are some factors that need to be followed. Here are some tips on how to properly position a rental container in front of your home.

Place for a containerSize and placement

Before renting a container, make sure that you have enough free space for it. The container needs to be close by, to facilitate the loading. The farther it is, the more time and effort you’ll invest. So, for the first step – find an optimal place for your container and take measures. Also, you should put the dumpster on a non-vegetated surface if possible, because the vegetation below will be destroyed due to the weight.

Some municipalities will allow you to place the container on the street. However, you’ll need a special permit for that. If you want to avoid the hassle, opt for your front yard. If possible, plan the delivery so that it comes at the end of your project. This way it will stay as short a time as possible in your yard.

Protection underneath

You have to provide some protection to put below the dumpster. Due to its enormous weight, a container can easily destroy anything that’s underneath it, including asphalt in some cases. It can also sink into the ground because of the weight and leave the surface compacted and dent.

A piece of wood (preferably plywood) should solve the problem. Remember, even if the dumpster has a pair of wheels, the protection is still mandatory. In fact, it’s even worse if it has wheels because the weight is then concentrated in those areas.

Rental containersOverfilling policy

Most companies don’t allow the overfilling of a container, for good reasons. It’s against the law, and it’s also pretty dangerous. The standard filling policy states that you cannot fill a rental dumpster above the fence level. However, the advised level is around 80% of the container’s capacity for the sake of soil and vegetation under it, especially if it’s wet.

Dealing with the aftermath

Ideally, if it was positioned on a grass surface, the damage isn’t severe. You’ll find a yellow surface underneath the container because the vegetation didn’t receive any sunlight while it was underneath the dumpster. You’ll easily solve this problem with the help of some garden tools, or you can just let it grow by itself.